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Chrysler Auto Repairs and Maintenance in Beaverton

Come to Chuck's Garage & Speed Shop for Fast and Affordable Chrysler Repair Services

Repair and maintenance for all Chrysler make and models including:

  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • Chrysler Voyager
  • Chrysler Grand Caravan
  • When you visit Chuck's Garage & Speed Shop, our friendly staff are trained to diagnose and repair Chrysler vehicles. Our staff will also answer any concerns you have about your Chrysler car or truck, including questions about repair costs and regular maintenance.

    The highly trained pro mechanics at Chuck's Garage & Speed Shop are knowledgeable about Chrysler's legendary engineering as well as the newest advancements. The latest Chryslers drive like an expensive luxury vehicle but are affordable to repair and maintain. Mixing luxury, performance and affordability is what Chrysler does best. Chrysler automobiles offer sophisticated computer systems to optimize everything from suspension to engine performance to AC cooling in a wide range of vehicles at a lower cost than competitors.

    At Chuck's Garage & Speed Shop we continue Chrysler's commitment to affordability with cost effective maintenance and auto repairs that utilize the latest technology. We have only seen the popularity of Chrysler's wide range of vehicles grow. Chryslers can face a few hiccups like any vehicle, with most repairs relegated to the powertrain and transmission performance.

    At Chuck's Garage & Speed Shop in Beaverton we created service offerings over the years to provide Chrysler owners with top quality and affordable auto maintenance and repairs. If you are looking for a reliable auto shop to repair or maintain your Chrysler, Chuck's Garage & Speed Shop in Beaverton is the place to go.


    Great customer service and great at getting your car looked at quickly!!


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